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When it comes to designing your kitchen and bathroom one of the most important elements are the countertops. Countertops see a lot of action; in the kitchen they take some abuse from hot pans, chopping knives, and spilled liquids and in the bathroom they are the resting place for hot curling irons, hair dryers, spilled make-up and much more.

Countertops are functional but they also offer an aesthetic value to every space. They provide the perfect opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen and bath. Other design opportunities include backsplashes in kitchens and baths and eye-catching materials for your shower walls and tub surrounds.

One general consideration for kitchen planning is to be sure to consider entry doors and what direction they swing. The clear opening of a doorway should be a minimum of 32” wide which requires a 2’10” door. Doors should not interfere with other doors or objects like cabinets or appliances. If space is an issue, consider using a bi-fold door or pocket doors. This is a simple item to plan for, but a costly item to replace if changed after the completion of the project!

There are a variety of materials available today for countertops and many times no one material is best for all surfaces. This is especially true from a design perspective; combining different materials in creative applications always makes for a show stopper space!

In this section on Countertops and Walls, you learn about the multitude of products available for these surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone and slab, solid surfacing, Quartz and specialty products including soapstone and paper stone. We will cover everything you need to know before you make a purchase and how to maintain your new countertops to provide lasting durability and beauty.

Before you get started, consider the following:

  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Countertops of different materials
  3. A natural material
  4. Heat resistant materials
  5. Stain resistant materials
  6. Edge treatments
  7. Backsplashes
  8. Budget
  9. Grout lines- do they bother you?
  10. Islands- Do you have or are you planning one?
  11. Integrated sinks
Marble Countertop in Home
Granite countertop kitcken sink

Slab Stone

Granite is the top choice for high use areas, such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes because it is dense and durable. These slabs are also highly resistant to scratches and heat. Granite does require additional preventative maintenance of sealing over time but will deliver long lasting beauty to your home.
Quartz countertops in kitchen


Quartz countertops, also know as engineered stone, is a smart and stylish choice for your countertops. This highly durable, stain resistant material offers all the beauty found in natural stone and is practically, maintenance free. Captivating colors and gorgeous textures that will be right at home in any space.
Laminate countertops in kitchen Rockport Texas


Laminate countertops are a budget friendly yet design forward option for many homes. The benefits of laminate countertops are many; affordable, easy to install, a multitude of color and patterns, non-porous, and maintenance friendly. Laminate is a good choice for countertops throughout the home including kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home office, home gym, wet bar, kid’s areas, and garages.